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Undercurrent, a magazine of and on film criticism, is a bimonthly publication of FIPRESCI.


Editor: Chris Fujiwara
Contributing Editor: Adrian Martin


Undercurrent invites critical essays, film, DVD, and book reviews, and articles on the practice, theory, and history of film criticism. Contributions are welcomed from both non-members and members of FIPRESCI. Please send your suggestions to the editor.

  Eva Maria Hagen in Vergesst mir meine Traudel nicht (1957). Courtesy of Christian Links Publishers, Berlin.

In this issue:
#4 (10.2008)

Cruising: The Sound of Violence
Adrian Martin revisits William Friedkin's ever-controversial film

The Durability of Filmmaking in a Temporary Country
Oskar Holl examines the history of East German cinema through a review of Spur der Filme: Zeitzeugen über die DEFA (edited by Ingrid Poss and Peter Warnecke).

Insoluble Farber
A. S. Hamrah pays tribute to the great American film critic Manny Farber, who died on August 18, 2008, at age 91.

The Pressure of Time, the Look at the Camera, and the Boundary in the Films of Peter Watkins
by Chris Fujiwara

Film Reviews

The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan) by Chris Fujiwara
Warhol: A Documentary Film (Ric Burns) by David Sterritt

Book Reviews

Powers of Anamorphosis: Abel Ferrara (Nicole Brenez) by Fergus Daly
Secret Agents: Film Performance: From Achievement to Appreciation (Andrew Klevan) by Adrian Martin
A Reply to Adrian Martin by Andrew Klevan




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issue #4 (10.2008)

bullet.   Cruising
bullet.   East Germany
bullet.   Manny Farber
bullet.   Peter Watkins
bullet.   The Dark Knight
bullet.   Warhol

bullet.   Abel Ferrara

bullet.   Film Performance

bullet.   Andrew Klevan reply