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Undercurrent, a magazine of and on film criticism, is a bimonthly publication of FIPRESCI.


Editor: Chris Fujiwara
Contributing Editor: Adrian Martin


Undercurrent invites critical essays, film, DVD, and book reviews, and articles on the practice, theory, and history of film criticism. Contributions are welcomed from both non-members and members of FIPRESCI. Please send your suggestions to the editor.


In this issue:
#3 (11.2006)

Special Section: Austria

Trouble in the Hothouse
Christoph Huber looks at the state of Austrian cinema today

Austria's 1960s Film Trauma
"Notes on a Cinematic Phoenix" by Robert von Dassanowsky

The Head and Eyes of Otto Preminger
Miguel Marías extols the exemplary intelligence of the Austrian-born director

Austria Plays Itself and Sees Da Him
Notes on the image of Austria in the films of Michael Glawogger, by Christoph Huber

Max Ophuls's Adaptation to and Subversion of Classical Hollywood Cinema
Lutz Bacher follows Ophuls through Hollywood, where the German-born director recreates turn-of-the-century Vienna

Reporting on The Passenger
Larysa Smirnova and Chris Fujiwara enlist Heidegger's help in interpreting Antonioni's The Passenger

Danièle Huillet 1936-2006: A Tribute
Jonathan Rosenbaum, Adrian Martin, Chris Fujiwara, John Gianvito, and the editors of Cahiers du cinéma pay tribute to the late filmmaker





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issue #3 (11.2006)

bullet.   Austrian cinema now
bullet.   Austria in the 1960s
bullet.   Otto Preminger
bullet.   Michael Glawogger
bullet.   Max Ophuls
The Passenger
Danièle Huillet Tribute

bullet.   Jonathan Rosenbaum

bullet.   Cahiers du cinéma

bullet.   Adrian Martin

bullet.   Chris Fujiwara

bullet.   John Gianvito