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Undercurrent, a magazine of and on film criticism, is a bimonthly publication of FIPRESCI.


Editor: Chris Fujiwara
Contributing Editor: Adrian Martin


Undercurrent invites critical essays, film, DVD, and book reviews, and articles on the practice, theory, and history of film criticism. Contributions are welcomed from both non-members and members of FIPRESCI. Please send your suggestions to the editor.


In this issue:
#2 7.2006

Collective Dreams
In an excerpt from his forthcoming book on Alexander Dovzhenko, author Marco Carynnyk weaves biography and analysis in a consideration of the sources and patterns of Dovzhenko's Earth

Alexander Dovzhenko Virtual Exhibition
A gallery of images from the life and work of the Ukrainian master

An Acting Lesson in Madigan
Don Siegel's Madigan revisited, by Chris Fujiwara

The Caprices of Rosine or the Follies of a Fortnight
Jacob Leigh on parallel intrigues in Eric Rohmer's Conte d'automne

Film, Philosophy, and Terrence Malick
David Sterritt considers The New World and its place in the career of "a cinematic alchemist"

Lady Vengeance and Its Critics
Steve Erickson reviews the conclusion of Park Chan-wook's revenge trilogy and samples its U.S. critical reception

Man's Favorite Short: "The Civil War"
In an ongoing series of essays on short films, Miguel Marías pays tribute to John Ford's segment of How the West Was Won

Import or Confront?
Lorena Cancela asks questions about the state of film theory and criticism in Argentina




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issue #2 (7.2006)

Perpetual Rediscovery
bullet. Dovzhenko/Earth
bullet. Dovzhenko Exhibition
bullet. Madigan
bullet. Conte d'automne
Recent Cinema
bullet. The New World
bullet. Lady Vengeance
Man's Favorite Short
bullet. "The Civil War"
Criticism of Criticism
bullet. Import or Confront?