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Undercurrent, a magazine of and on film criticism, is a bimonthly publication of FIPRESCI.


Editor: Chris Fujiwara
Contributing Editors: Adrian Martin,
Belinda van de Graaf


Undercurrent is looking for critical essays, film, DVD, and book reviews, and articles on the practice, theory, and history of film criticism. Contributions are welcomed from both non-members and members of FIPRESCI. Please send your suggestions to the editor.

In this issue:
#1 4.2006

Something Really New
Miguel Marías previews a new work by José Luis Guerín

Life on the Installment Plan
Adrian Martin ponders Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown

The Round, the Flat, and the Impossible
Chris Fujiwara encircles Tsai Ming-liang's The Wayward Cloud

Some Thoughts Came Running...
Gabe Klinger digs Philippe Garrel's Les amants réguliers

How Critics Work
Listen in on a roundtable discussion from 2005's Brisbane International Film Festival

Man's Favorite Short
In praise of short films


Introduction by Adrian Martin
"Several Friends" (Charles Burnett, 1969) by Andy Rector
The Pain of Cinema: "Interior New York Subway" (G. W. Bitzer, 1905)
by Gabe Klinger
Improvised Polemic by Derek Malcolm: "LBJ" (Santiago Alvarez, 1968)
Dream Work (Peter Tscherkassky, Austria, 2001) by Adrian Martin
Short Film Poetry by Jonathan Rosenbaum: "The House Is Black" (Forugh Farrokhzad, 1962) and "When It Rains" (Charles Burnett, 1995)

Obituary: Barthélemy Amengual
by Josep Torrell

Interview: Leslie Shatz
The sound designer talks with Gabe Klinger about his work on Gus Van Sant's Last Days




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issue # 1 4.2006

bullet. Contents
bullet. Marías on Guerín
bullet. Martin on Crowe
bullet. Fujiwara on Tsai
bullet. Klinger on Garrel
bullet. How Critics Work
bullet. Man's Favorite Short
bullet. Amengual Tribute
bullet. Leslie Shatz