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Berlinale Talent Press 2014


Berlinale Talents, Goethe Institut and FIPRESCI organize at this year's Berlinale for the 11th time the "Talent Press", an initiative within the Berlinale Talents. The eleventh genration is expected in Berlin. Supported by renowned film-journalists (Derek Malcolm, Stephanie Zachariak, Chris Fujiwara, Dana Linssen, Oliver Baumgarten), they write reviews on films presented in various sections of the festival, compose features and report about the atmosphere of the Campus and interview both talents and experts. Articles of the participants are published daily on the website of the Berlinale Talents and on the homepages of the Goethe Institut and FIPRESCI.

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Andrei Kartashov — Karla Lončar — Tara Judah — Christina Newland — Claire Lee — Daria Lisitsina — Ewa Wildner — José Sarmiento Hinojosa more

Day 01
Soaring Past the Truth, By Tara Judah
The Kid with the Binoculars, By Karla Lončar
Why the Tower of Babel Wasn't Finished, By José Sarmiento
No Country for Re-Socialized Men, By Ewa Wildner
Flying in the Face of Convention, By Dasha Lisitsina
Motherhood in Nazi Germany, By Claire Lee
Noam's Arch, By Christina Newland
Hop to the Hub, By Andrei Kartashov

Day 02
Faith/Off, By Andrei Kartashov
James Schamus Answers Ang Lee's Big Question, By Claire Lee
The Matrioska Dilemma, By José Sarmiento
Sea Saw, By Tara Judah
A Restoration of the Silent Film Pianist's Art, By Ewa Wildner
Two Sides of the Same Euro, By Karla Lončar

Day 03
Cinema of Attraction, By Christina Newland
Searching for Beauty in the Dark, By Claire Lee
Overcooked Wiener Western, By Dasha Lisitsina
The Berlin School of Observation, By Ewa Wildner
JACK-IN-THE-BOX, By José Sarmiento
No Woman, No Cry, By Karla Lončar
There Are No Rules Anymore, By Tara Judah
Creating Characters, By Dasha Lisitsina
Smug Provocateur, By Christina Newland   
This Is Not a Film, By Andrei Kartashov

Day 04
I Want to be Kidnapped!, By Ewa Wildner  
An Image Doesn't Have a Sex, By Tara Judah
Cinema of Thoughts and Feelings, By Andrei Kartashov
Confessions of the Sound-Obsessed, By Karla Lončar
Confusion Will Be My Epitaph, By José Sarmiento
In the Mood for Doyle, By Claire Lee
Professional Intimacy, By Christina Newland

Day 05
More than Magic, By Tara Judah
Preaching To The Pulpit, By Dasha Lisitsina
An Outsider In A Relationship With The Audience, By Karla Lončar
Using Controversy To Build Expectation, By Ewa Wildner
To Put Your Life Into Something, By José Sarmiento
Adolescence in a Small Town, By Claire Lee
Big Fish, Little Fish, By Christina Newland
Reflection on Perception, By Andrei Kartashov
Denis Côté Planets In Open Space,By Dasha Lisitsina



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Talent Press 2014

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