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Black Nights Film Festival – Young Tallinnts

The workshop aims to offer young film critics the possibility to get acquainted with one of the major European film festivals, and to train their writing under the direction of experienced colleagues (Amber Wilkinson and Laurence Boyce from the UK, and German Klaus Eder). For the young talents, it should be an important step towards a career as professional film journalist or film critic.

The participants arrow.
Christian Alt, Germany
Maarja Hindoalla, Estonia
Olga Konkova, Latvia
Sophie Charlotte Rieger, Germany
Elena Jasiūnaitė, Lithuania

Day 1 arrow.
Review: Life is a Karnaval, By Olga Konkova
An Interview with Karnaval director by Can Kilcioglu, By Sophie Charlotte Rieger
Review: Best of Sleepwalkers, By Christian Alt
Oldboyto receive European Premiere at 17th Black Nights Film Festival, By Elena Jasiūnaitė
Tangerines — a great part of the lush crop of Estonian film, Review by Maarja Hindoalla

Day 2 arrow.
The Gambler. A look at the turning point, By Elena Jasiūnaitė
Everyday Violence — An Interview with Potosí director Alfredo Castruita, By Christian Alt
Trap Street — A Chinese riddle, By Sophie Charlotte Rieger
"OK, let's do it again!": An interview with film producer Alise Gelze, By Olga Konkova
Second Estonian Film Music Showcase at Black Nights Film Festival,  By Maarja Hindoalla

Day 3 arrow.#
Animated Dreams is blasting to the market, By Maarja Hindoalla
Taxi & Telephone & Stale Bread. Christian Alt reviews Ernest Abdyjaparov's film
"Paradjanov": An Interview with Serge Avedikian, By Elena Jasiūnaitė
Size Does Matter. Industry@Tallinn Discusses The Scale Of Festival Programs,
      By Sophie Charlotte Rieger
Kyrgyz Cinema — Passion Over Budget, By Sophie Charlotte Rieger

Day 4 arrow.
István Szabó: Film History Is Written On The Faces. By Elena Jasiūnaitė
A Fruity Puppet Opera: "Lisa Limone and Maroc Orange, a Rapid Love Story"
    By Maarja Hindoalla
Stonehenge in Canada. Christian Alt reviews the documentary "Silent Messengers"
“Many Directors, Many Minds: An examination of Richard Ayoade's "The Double"
    By Olga Konkova

Day 5 arrow.
Meet The Filmmakers. By Christian Alt
"Mademoiselle C": Beautiful Inspiration. By Olga Konkova
An Insight To Contemporary German Cinema. By Maarja Hindoalla



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