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World Film Festival Montreal 2013

The Long Way Home.
"The Long Way Home"

The Montreal FFM 2013 is now an old institution, but is still held together by its main purpose, discovery: new movies, new film makers and new experiments still drives the whole festival. It exists since 1976, having been created by Serge Losique who is still, at this 37th edition, the chairman and head of the selection committee. It is recognized for some time now by the F.A.P. F., and the FIPRESCI has been present since the beginnings of the eighties to give two awards: best picture in the main competition, and best picture in the first movie competition. Those two selections are only devoted to world premiere. As such, the choices are bound to be sometimes deceptive, especially with the fierce competition of Cannes, Venice and, of course, Toronto. But such is the price to pay to allow the festival to make true discoveries, like this year's winner in the best picture category: West by Christian Schowochow.

Most of the movies presented are preceded by a short picture, allowing even more screen time to the new auteurs or stars of tomorrow. A few more public and accessible moments give the festival its public momentum (Jappeloup, Anne Fontaine' Adore), but its heart lies more in the diversity of its multiple sections and movie market. An astonishing number of sections present approximately a dozen of pictures each: China Cinema Today, Korean Cinema Today, Cinema of the World, with a mix of European pictures and a selection of short student's movies. All of this is caped with a screening "à la belle etoile" where some cinematographic successes of past years are shown on a big screen in Place des Arts for anyone who wishes to attend.

This diversity can be sometimes overwhelming, and of course the quality can't stay always on the same level. But the experience allows the viewer, if he feels like it, to truly immerse himself in the world of cinema in 2013, as its titles aptly suggest. The city of Montreal with its own mixed cultural heritage is a perfect backdrop for this event, and most of the screenings take place in its very beautiful movie palaces. It is definitely a festival for the curious minds and, as it is often the case, needs some patience from the participant. But, given the time and the vast offer on display, it can't fail to reward, at one point or another, the movie buff looking for new names. (Pierre-Simon Gutman)

Montreal (Canada, World Film Festival, August 22 — September 2, 2013). Prize for the best feature film in the main competition: West (Westen) by Christian Schwochow (Germany, 2013). Prize for the best first feature film:  The Long Way Home (Eve Dönüs Sarikamis 1915) by Alphan Eseli (Turkey, 2013). Jury members: Pierre-Simon Gutman, France, president ("L'Avant-scène cinéma"), Diego Brodersen, Argentina ("Pagina 12", "N Clarin"), Claudio Cordero, Peru ("Revista de cine Godard!"), Lukasz Maciejewski, Poland ("Dziennik.Gazeta Prawna", "Magazyn Filmowy"), Akiko Kobari, Japan ("Yukan Fuji"), Serge Abiaad, Canada ("Revue 24 images"). Print sources. "West": Thomas Kufus, Katrin Schlösser, Christoph Friedel, Zero One Film GmbH, Lehrterstr. 57, D-10557 Berlin, T +49 (30) 390 66 30, - "The Long Way Home": Oguz Peri, Bocek Yapim, Levent Mah, Calikusu Sok. 14, Levent, Istanbul, T +90 (212) 282 78 77,  


Winners and Cheaters. Watching films by first timers, and more so, films that have not been previously shown, puts us as spectators and jury members in an interesting yet peculiar spot since we have mostly been accustomed to watch films with many points of reference in relation to auteurism, influences, value or reputation. Serge Abiaad's impressions. arrow.
Just Like in a Renoir Movie. Pierre-Simon Gutman is about West (Westen), the winner of the FIPRESCI prize at the 2013 edition of the Montreal Film Festival. arrow.
Different Worlds. As critics, programmers and film festival habitués know, if you're an A-list film festival and you're not called Cannes, Berlin or Venice (maybe also San Sebastian), but you still want to introduce the audience to a selection of world or international premieres... you are usually in hot water. The latest edition of the Montreal World Film Festival was exactly there with its two main competitive selections. Diego Brodersen's report. arrow.
Montreal, C'est magnifique! The new Japanese cinema between film and literature by Akiko Kobari. arrow.
The Long Way Home. Claudio Cordero reviewed The Long Way Home (Eve Dönüs: Sarikamis 1915) directed by Alphan Eseli. arrow.
Life Does Feel Good After All. According to Łukasz Maciejewski one of the greatest events of this year's World Film Festival in Montreal was a Polish production Life Feels Good (Chce Się Żyć) directed by Maciej Pieprzyca. arrow.



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Montreal 2013

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