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43rd Molodist — Kiev International Film Festival, 2013

Ilo Ilo
"Ilo Ilo" (Anthony Chen)

Molodist in Ukrainian language means young, but in fact Molodist International film festival- which is the biggest film festival in Ukraine- is an old festival: 43-years-old.

Molodist, with a few different sections, from international competition to National competition, also short and student films, tries to cover all kind of films from around the world.

Despite some big technical problems in the cinemas and the closing ceremony- from subtitles to microphone problems- Molodist had bunch of interesting films in the international competition, many nice guests from around the world — from different juries to many young students and short filmmakers who were invited by the festival, also a group of young film makers who were invited to intensive workshop — and many films in different section to watch.

As a matter of fact, Molodist — as the name shows — tries to help young film makers and it's a nice platform to screen short films and good opportunity to help young filmmakers. Molodist turned the page this year and gave the best prize (Grande Prix, 10000 Dollars) to a short film as well: to Gabriel Gauchet for a student film called The Mass of Men. Gauchet had been in this festival before with one of his previous films.

There were 12 films in International competition, mostly from young directors. As FIPRESCI juries we had to choose just one. All three of us agreed about Ilo Ilo, a small film by Anthony Chen from Singapore who lives in Britain and was in Kiev for the festival. The jury of the International section chose the same film as the best feature film of the festival, meaning the FIPRESCI prize and festival prize was same, which rarely happens.

Ilo Ilo talks about human and humanity in a heart touching level. Film starts with a 10-years-old student who is rude to teachers and parents but very soon a maid changes everything. Film talks about what is similar between people and can make them closer. At the end the young boy discovers the world from another point of view. Anthony Chen tries to catch the reality with simple hand camera and simple atmosphere from daily life in Singapore.

Personally I liked the Ukrainian film as well: Such Beautiful People from a young director who was shy and  could not talk before the screening and instead just cried! But the film was a deep journey into the loneliness of humanity, a woman who we do not know anything about her past and we see her simply living next to the sea and her need for a man, all filmed in some kind of Aki Kaurismaki's style, takes us to the heart of these strange people. (Mo Abdi)

43rd Molodist — Kiev International Film Festival (Kiev, Ukraine, October 19-27, 2013). Jury: Mo Abdi, UK ("BBC World Service"), Sven Gerrets, The Netherlands ("VPRO Gids"), Dmytro Desiateryk, Ukraine ("The Day"). Prize: Ilo Ilo by Anthony Chen (Singapore, 2013, 99min). Print Source: Memento International (9 Cité Paradis, Paris 75010, France), Phn: +33 1 53349033, Fax: +33 1 42471124, web:, e-mail:


Young Takes on Different Forms. As the Molodist Film Festival in Kiyev is going strong with its 43rd edition this year, the 'young' that Molodist means in Ukrainian clearly doesn't apply to the festival itself. It does, however, make clear what the festival stands for: young and/or debuting filmmakers, fresh talent and new cinema. This is illustrated by the numerous titles of (student) films being shown by up-and-coming directors. Sven Gerrets' report. arrow.
New Simplicity and Challenges Without Response. Social films were the core of this year's Molodist Film Festival. Dmytro Desiateryk's report. arrow.



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Molodist 2013

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