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Durban Talent Press 2013


logo.Aderinsola Ajao is a journalist and film critic based in Lagos, Nigeria. Her articles have been published in NEXT, The Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian, This Day, The NEWS, and Efrika.TV, as well as on the Africiné and Fipresci websites. She has written a weekly Film and TV column for the Daily Sun and briefly edited a bimonthly film magazine before working with Afrinolly, developers of Africa's premiere movie-based mobile phone app. Aderinsola blogs (sometimes) at and occasionally rants on Twitter @theveryderin.

"Why do I write about cinema? For me, films and books are the best and easiest ways of stretching my imagination. Cinema, however, is a bigger attraction because I don't have to turn any pages. I can also combine work and a hobby. I applied for the Talent Press, because it is a fully-funded trip to the sweet shop: free film screenings, access to unimagined interviews and the chance to write about cinema from all over the world, which is what the Durban International Film Festival offers: a film feast for the eager cinephile. Why wouldn't I want to be here?"

Polly Kamukama is an award-winning Ugandan journalist and film critic. He also works with government of Uganda as a Film Classification Officer. He holds a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication from Makerere University and has worked with several Ugandan publications including New Vision, The Red Pepper, The Independent and currently The Observer.His work as a film journalist largely focuses on African cinema and how it can be used as a social commentary to create change and economic empowerment across the continent. In Uganda, he has been noted for his outstanding contribution to the development of the country's film industry and the arts journalism scene. He was crowned Most Outstanding Media Personality at the 3rd Pearl International Film Festival (PIFF) awards. Kamukama covered and trained at the 42nd International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), Netherlands and the 34th Durban International Film Festival (DIFF), South Africa, in 2013.

"Why did I apply for the TCD? I see DIFF as the ultimate platform to meet and network with global cinema players, particularly African filmmakers, whom I hope to learn from in regards to the filmmaking industry. The Press Programme will on the other hand help me to advance my knowledge and experience in film journalism — the mentorship arrangement is quite awesome."

Nosipho Sharon Mngoma, from South Africa, prefers to introduce herself in a direct form: "My name is Nosipho and I’m a story-addict-queue support group “Hi Nosipho” chorus. I have recently graduated from the Durban University of Technology’s Journalism Programme. A renowned South African journalist and author once told me that if I want to write well, I need to be high: high on writing, high on digging and high on understanding. I have always been high on writing, trying to weave words into an intricate story pattern but which still reveals each ordinary thread. In my job as a news reporter for the Daily News I dig all day. For me, cinema like taking a long drag on the understanding spliff. I would like to share that understanding with readers by writing about film. I live by the credo,  “I think therefore I am!” Because I believe that each person has it in them to achieve whatever they put their minds to. One just has to prepare well, work hard and apply oneself, that dragon is not going to chase itself."

Narjes Torchani, from Tunisia, also prefers to introduce herself in a direct way: "I am a cultural journalist in La Presse, the traditional national daily of Tunisia. I am also a member of the Tunisian association for film critic promotion and the African federation of film critics. I publish in La Presse and I am fond of cinema and writing and I find in film criticism the best way to combine the two. Film criticism is an interesting outcome for watching and discussing a film. Even if writing is a personal experience, it is more fulfilling when it is preceded by an ideas-sharing experience, which is why I am very pleased to participate in the talent press."



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