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18th Busan International Film Festival, 2013

10 Minutes
"10 Minutes" (Lee Yong-seung)

The 18th edition of the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) proved itself more important among the film festivals in the East. It took place from October 3rd to October 12th 2013 in the port city of Busan on the south coast of Korea. Though BIFF is not recognized by FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Associations), they made great progress both in the quality and the quantity of their selections.

The 18th BIFF had a rich program that included:
- Gala Presentation of 6 films from 5 countries
- A Window on Asian Cinema of 54 films from 16 countries
- New Currents of 12 films from 11 countries (including international co-productions)
- Korean Cinema Today of 24 films
- World Cinema of 50films from 28 countries why world-renounced auteurs
- Flash Forward of 32films from 27countries
- Wide Angle of 67 short films and documentaries

Not only were the contemporary films excellent, but so too the retrospective programs. Included were the Korean great director Im Kwon-taek's retrospective as well as that of the late director Park Chul-Soo's special commemoration.

The FIPRESCI prize was only for the competitive New Current section And the five members of the jury chose to reward Lee Yong-seung's 10 Minutes for its remarkably distinguished existential energy. (Chiseko Tanaka)

18th Busan International Film Festival (Korea, October 3-12, 2013). Jury: Andrej Werner (Poland), Tanaka Chiseko (Japan), Carolin Weidner (Germany), Aijaz Gul (Pakistan), Seo Insook (Korea). FIPRESCI prize: "10 Minutes" directed by Lee Yong-seung (Korea, 2013, 93min). Print source: Tiger Cinema (Korea, South), Tel: 82 1036606307, e-mail:


How Nice to be a Cat. It was one of the two films considered by our jury for the FIPRESCI prize. Finally Pascha lost to another South Korean film, 10 Minutes, but, in my opinion, it was one of the most fascinating films of the New Currents section of the 18thBusan International Film Festival. Andrzej Werner's report. arrow.
Films of New Currents. Insook Seo is about three of the New Currents' films. arrow.
Mothers and Daughters. The 18th Busan International Film Festival turns its attention to a special and sometimes very complicated relationship. Carolin Weidner's report. arrow.
Looking for a Beautiful Future. Lee Yong-seung's 10 Minutes is the best of the Busan International Film Festival's New Currents section. The story is about a young man looking for a beautiful future. The story is very ordinary and the situation is not so particular and it has a style that is easy to be understood by everybody. Then what is the remarkable point of this film? Chiseko Tanaka's impressions. arrow.
Good Spread of Subjects. The twelve films selected from eleven countries in the New Currents section of the Busan International Film Festival brought in a good spread of subjects varying from the search for water in drought, contemporary corporate disappointments, teenage rape, the miseries of old age and the trauma of child deportation as well covering genres from slasher horror to dark comedy. Aijaz Gul's report. arrow.



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Busan 2013

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