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Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival 2013

Queen of Montreuil

"Queen of Montreuil" (Solveig Anspach)

The Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival has been organized since 1998 with the goal of using the narrative of cinema to raise public awareness about gender issues.

Since 1996, the Turkish Flying Broom Women's Communication and Research Association's aim has been to establish a network of women's NGOs and to function as an information and documentation center. Over the years, this organization has raised many funds from both national and international sources towards the implementation of projects geared towards improving women's status and capacity. It has also contributed to the process of democratization and the development of a civil society in Turkey, in accordance with the international gender equality norms and principles formulated at Beijing (1995) and other international conferences and summits.

The Festival is an international organization where features, shorts, documentary and animation films by women directors from Turkey and around the world are presented to the audience in a framework of specific themes, panels, discussions, film screenings and exhibitions. In 2003, an international section was added to the festival and FIPRESCI has been sending an international jury which awards one of the films produced in the last two years and screened in the "Each Has a Different Color" section of the festival.

Also, from its sixth year onward, the festival established the Honorary Award and Bilge Olgaç Achievement Award to recognize women who have made great efforts for cinema and show appreciation of their works.

In addition to the film screenings, local and international directors, press members and film critics are hosted in Ankara as a part of the Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival. (Magali Van Reeth)

Ankara (Turkey, "Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival", May 9-16, 2013). Prize: Queen of Montreuil directed by Solveig Anspach (France, 2013, 87 min), shown in the section "Each Has a Different Color". Motivation: "For the optimistic tone used to deal with the dramas of life, sorrows, loneliness and loss where two free and creative women characters tell us that cinema can be full of joy." Jury: Magali Van Reeth, France (, Mima Simic, Croatia ("T-portal"), Ceyda Asar, Turkey ("Milliyet Sanat", "Radikal"). Print source: Films Distribution, Sanam Madjedi, Festivals & Marketing Manager, 36, rue du Louvre, F-75001 Paris, T +33 (1) 53 10 33 99, e-mail:, web:


Queen of Montreuil. Mima Simic reviewed the FIPRESCI Prize winner Queen of Montreuil directed by Solveig Anspach. arrow.
Features from Turkey. At the 16th Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival, the good news was that the Turkish selection included five feature-length films. All from women directors, all from different backgrounds.
Magali Van Reeth's impressions. arrow.
"Each Has a Different Color" and Common Sense. The film section entitled "Each Has a Different Color" was made up of twelve films from all around the world. The selection was outstanding, since each film had a genuine story, unique language and remarkable performances, and most were elaborately directed. Ceyda Aşar' report. arrow.



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Ankara 2013

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