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Cartagena 2012

"The Student" (Santiago Mitre)

The Cartagena Film Festival, or Festival Internacional de Cine y T.V. de Cartagena de Indias (FICCI) is the oldest film festival in Latin America. The Festival was founded in 1960 by Victor Nieto in the city of the same name on the tropical Caribbean coast of Colombia. The Festival focuses on the promotion of Colombian television programs, Latin American films, and videos.

For this 52nd edition of the festival, under the direction of Monika Wagenberg, the organizers made a concerted effort to improve both the physical and the human infrastructure. Following the transformation of the Adolfo Mejía Theater into a world-class movie theater in 2011, this year the FICCI has turned turned its attention to other venues in Cartagena's Historic Center. The Convention Center has been fully renovated, complete with a new screen, 35mm projectors and a new sound system. Contenders in what has shaped up to be the most exciting documentary competition to date in the history of the festival, saw their films screened in a professional digital theater at the Palacio de la Inquisición. It is important to notice that the entrance to the mayority of the screenings and activities at FICCI was free for the visiting audiences.

Cartagena (Colombia, Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias (FICCI), February 23-29, 2012). Prize: The Student (El Estudiante) by Santiago Mitre (Argentina, 2011). Jury: Gustavo Noriega, Argentina ("El Amante/Cine"), Renzo Fegatelli, Italy ("Filmcronache”), Pedro Adriàn Zuluaga, Colombia. Print Source: Alpha Violet (14 Rue Soleillet, Paris 75020, France, T +33 1 47 97 39 84),, Festival:


Secret Lives and Chance Meetings. Young Mexican director Gabriel Mariño produced something original with A Secret World, his unique road narrative based on the rites of passage of a teenage girl, while also daring to experiment with film mediums. arrow.
Heleno: The Forward Playboy of the Forties. This originally made biopic about the first Brazilian football star in the 1940's should help revive interest in Heleno de Freitas. However, as Renzo Fegatelli illustrates, it focuses on the colourful but troubled private and short life of a playboy, unaware he was living a much bigger drama off the field of play. arrow.



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Cartagena 2012

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