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A collection of various documents, such as transcriptions of conferences, readings, discussions.



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Truffaut, Interviews. Ronald Bergan's introduction to the collection of interviews with François Truffaut, published in April 2008 by the University Press of Mississippi. arrow.


Moscow 1986. On May 13, 1986, the 5th Congress of Soviet Filmmakers took place. It became the first obvious sign of change in society and culture and had lasting consequences not only for the film industry. Andrei Plakhov remembers the historical date. arrow.


Questions and answers:
Can criticism be considered art? Arrow.
DVD or not? Arrow.

Reading. Film Critics write on books which influenced and accompanied them Arrow.


Viennale, the Vienna International Film Festival, invited two young critics to attend the event and to be engaged in a writing program tutored by experienced critics. arrow.

Szolnok. "Trans-Europa Express" was the title of a conference in the Hungarian city of Szolnok. Critics discussed the role of cinema in Europe, considering in particular the new countries which joined the European Union. arrow

Berlin. In the framework of "Berlinale Talent Campus", six young critics reported their daily impressions from the festival: Pamela Biénzobas (Chile), Övgü Gökce (Turkey), Andrei Gorzo (Romania), Gabe Klinger (USA), Violeta Kovacsics (Spain) and Saul Symonds (Australia).

Rotterdam. The International Film Festival (January 21 to February 1, 2004) is a sort of Mecca for film critics. Hans Beerekamp, Hassouna Mansouri, Adrian Martin, Mark Peranson, Quintin and Jonathan Rosenbaum write on different aspects of cinema and criticism. As well, three young critics describe their impressions: Matthieu Darras, Zhang Ya-xuan and Paolo Bertolin.

Movie Mutations. Jonathan Rosenbaum and Adrian Martin wrote a book on aspects of contemporary film criticism: Movie Mutations — The Changing Face of World Cinephilia (published by BFI — The British Film Institute). Read the preface.

The End Of Cinema. Ronald Bergan asks where the film critics are who could help form and lead opinion in these times? "If there is a crisis in films, then there is equally a crisis in film criticism. Most film criticism is primarily descriptive, anecdotal and subjectively evaluative rather than analytical."


"Nix to the Crix". Ronald Bergan comments a Variety text on film reviewing and reviewers.



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