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A collection of various documents, such as transcriptions of conferences, readings, discussions.


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Viennale 2004:
The Talent Press Project

Viennale, the Vienna International Film Festival, invited two young critics to attend the event and to be engaged in a writing program tutored by experienced critics (members of the FIPRESCI jury).

 Grapes of wrath and tenderness...
    An Introduction by Dana Linssen
 Message from Maria
    "Maria Full of Crace", by Gabe Klinger
 Bodies of Water
    On "Possible Changes" and "Dandelion",
    by Charles Leary
 Iranian Masks
    "Story Undone", by Andy Rector
 Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet, John Ford
    A panel,
    observed by Andy Rector and Charles Leary
 What Is in "Tarnation"?  
    "Tarnation", by Charles Leary
 Child, Thins Are Going to Get Easier
    "André Valente", by Andy Rector
 Standing in the Right Place
    Lauren Bacall in Vienna
    By Charles Leary
 The Working Day of Lee Kang-sheng
    Interview with the Taiwanese actor and director
    By Charles Leary
  "That's How a Man Lives"
    Lisandro Alonso's "Los muertos"
    By Andy Rector
  Without a Cause arrow.
    David Bisbano's "B (Short)"
    By Charles Leary

Dana Linssen.   Gabe Klinger.   HC Leitich.
The Jury: Dana Linssen, Gabe Klinger, HC Leitich.
Charles Leary.   Andrew Rector.   At work.
The Talents: Charles Leary, Andrew Rector - at work.

The Young Critics

Charles Leary (born 1975) is a doctoral candidate in Cinema Studies at New York University. He has written for the Taiwan newspaper Pots as well as the online journal Senses of Cinema. His dissertation focuses on the work of John Cassavetes, while he also pursues a research interest in Chinese cinemas.




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Talent Press

"Maria Full of Grace"
Bodies of Water
Iranian Masks
"André Valente"
Lauren Bacall
Lee Kang-sheng
"Los muertos"
"B (short)"