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A collection of various documents, such as transcriptions of conferences, readings, discussions.




Trans-Europa Express
A Critics' Conference at Szolnok 04

Festival Poster.The second FIPRESCI Conference held in Hungary returned to its congenial host, the city of Szolnok (some 100 kilometers south-east of Budapest) and its International Film Festival of Fine Arts, directed by Istvan Demeter and again smoothly organized by a dynamic young team.

Over a long weekend, from 17 to 19 September 2OO4, in daily sessions of three and a half hours each morning a dozen critics from different countries discussed the theme "Trans-Europa Express — The Changing Face of European Cinema", focusing on the strengths as well as the problems of Central and Eastern European Cinema today as it confronts the new reality of altered market forces — for example, the relaxation of political censorship is replaced by pressures from the apparent domination of the American industry.

With brief illustrative stops in Marienbad (Marianske Lazne), Belgrade, Budapest and diversions through French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Hollywood film-making and cinema-going landscapes, the perceptive points and stimulating discussions raised many timely questions about the struggle of European films to find a place on European screens, and for European cineastes to sustain their distinctive European voices that still can speak to different audiences at home — and with a little help from friends in the media, abroad as well. (g.b.)

Hans-Günther Dicks, No Man's Land arrow
Danko Jesic, Can a National Cinematography
    Become an International Brand? arrow
Angel Comas, Eastern European Movies in Spain:
    The Unknown Cinema arrow
Tomas Kurelec, How to Make Movies
   in a Small Country in Changing Europe? arrow
Mariola Wiktor, Screenwriting in Crisis: Myth or Truth?
Dana Duma, Whom Are We Supposed to Seduce? arrow
Daniela Bisogni, Between Eastern and European Countries Arrow.
Tibor Hirsch, Local and Global After-Worlds:
   Trendy Coincidences Arrow.
Balász Verga, Nation — In Fashion Again? Arrow.



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Szolnok 04

Hans-Günther Dicks
Danko Jesic
Angel Comas
Thomas Kurelec
Mariola Wiktor
Dana Duma
Daniela Bisogni
Tibor Hirsch
Balázs Varga