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The Festivals

Tromso (Norway, January 15-20, 2002)
Prize: Hatouna Mehuheret (Late Marriage) by Dover Kosashvili (France/Israel), "A sensual comedy which in a clever way and continuosly entertaining deals with the painful marriage between love, sex and society". - Special Mention: A sile sin egen sjo (Coastal Life) by by Oyvind Sandberg (Norway). Motivation: "A documentary film that is cinematographically not groundbreaking, but utterly touches with its sympathetic treatment of the subject. The film's love for the people it portraits and for their philosophy of life and the film-maker's sincere interest in his subject reflect the people's love for the nature they are so closely linked to and makes it a true humane manifesto".
Jury: Martin Thomas Dahlström, Sweden ("Sveriges Radio AB"), Guri Kulas, Norway ("Klassekampen"), Dubravka Lakic, Jugoslavia ("Politika" and "TV Politika").
Print sources. "Hatouna Mehuheret": Celluloid Dreams, Paris. - "A sile sin egen sjo": Norsk Filminstitut, Oslo.

Dhaka (Bangladesh, January 20-28, 2002)
Prize: Unfinished Song by Seyed Maziar Miri (Iran).
Jury: Derek Malcolm (UK), president, Probodh K. Maitra (India), Nasir Uddin Yousuf (Bangladesh).


Rotterdam (The Netherlands, January 23 - February 3, 2002).
Prize: Mein Bruder der Vampir (Getting My Brother Laid) by Sven Taddicken (Germany), "for its stylistically inventive treatment of a disfunctional family". - Special Mention: La Libertad by Lisandro Alonso (Argentina), "for the way it is telling with extremely simple means an essential story about surviving".
Jury: Jonathan Rosenbaum, US, president ("The Chicago Reader"), Edouard Waintrop, France ("Liberation"), Adrian Martin, Australia ("The Age", "Senses of Cinema"), Alin Tasciyan, Turkey ("Milliyet"), Bianca Stigter, The Netherlands ("NRC Handelsblad").

Göteborg (Sweden, January 25 - February 3, 2002)
Prize, Nordic competition: All About my Father by Even Benestad (Norway).
Jury: Klaus Eder, Germany ("Handelsblatt", "Bayerischer Rundfunk"), Maja Volk, Jugoslavia ("Kultura 011"), Laurent Aknin, France ("Vertigo", "Repérages").


Mumbai (Documentary Film Festival, India, February 3-9, 2002)
Prize: Homi D. Sethna, Film-maker (2000, 60 min, France-India) by Sepideh Farsi (France), "for the effective fusion of image and idea, the stylistic elegance and the humaneness of approach to a remarkable artist and citizen".
Jury: Heikki Jokinen, Finland ("Visio" + freelancing), Adina Emilia Bradeanu, Romania ("Martor", "Analize"), Vidyarthi Chatterjee, India.
Print source: 41 Rue Sainte Sophie 92600, Asnie'ves, Paris, France, T +33 (1) 408 64042,

Berlin (Germany, 6-17 February, 2002)
Prize (official selection): Lundi Matin (Monday Morning) by Otar Iosseliani (France/Italy, 2001), "for his very personal and elegant portrayal of the absurdity and boredom of everday life". - Prize (parallel sections): Les soviets plus l'électricité (Soviets plus Electricity) by Nicholas Rey (France, 2001), "for its interest in the survivors of a Siberian gulag and for a simple and thus forceful narrative style that sparingly and wisely combines images and sound".
Jury: Atilla Dorsay, Turkey, president ("Sabah"), Esteve Riambau, Spain ("Avui"), Barbara Hollender, Poland ("Rzeczpospolita"), Adina Darian, Romania ("Noul Cinema"), Nelson Hoineff, Brazil ("Bravo!", "Jornal do Brasil", "Radio MEC"), Andrée Tournes, France ("Jeune Cinema"), Angelika Kettelhack, Germany ("Author and director of cultural TV-films").
Print sources. "Lundi Matin". Celluloid Dreams, 2 rue Turgot, F-75000 Paris, T +33 (1) 49 70 03 70, F +33 (1) 49 70 03 71, - "Les soviets plus l'électricité". Light Cone, 12 rue des Vignoles, F 75020 Paris, T +33 (1) 46 59 01 53, F +33 (1) 46 59 03 12,


Thessaloniki (Greece, Documentary FF, March 4-10, 2002)
Prize: Missing Young Women (Senorita Extraviada) by Lourdes Portillo (Mexico, 2001), "for its energetic approach to a big and usolved problem and its powerful documentary investigation”. Special Mention: Guardians of Time (Filakes Tu Hronu) by Magrarita Manta (Greece, 2002), "for showing the cultural cotinuity between the eternal historical meanings and the ordinary contemporary people".
Jury: Bojidar Manov, Bulgaria ("Kino"), Daniela Sannwald, Germany ("Frankfurter Rundschau"), Vassilis Kehagias, Greece ("Makedonia").
Print sources. "Missing Young Women": Xochitl Films and Video, 1219 Van Ness #2, San Francisco CA 94110, USA, T +1 (415) 642 1614, F +1 (415) 642 5374, "Guardians of Time": EKK/Greek Film Center, 10, Panepistimiou Str., 106 71 Athens, T +30 (10) 363 1733, F +30 (10) 361 1336,

Mar del Plata (Argentina, March 7-16, 2002)
Prize, international competition: Santa Maradona by Marco Ponti (Italy). Best Latin American film: Taxi para tres by Orlando Lübbert (Chile).
Jury: Gerald Peary, US, president ("Boston Phoenix"), Luciano Trigo, Brazil ("O Globo"), Ezequiel Luka, Argentina ("Film On Line"), Pamela Biénzobas Saffie, Chile (Freelance for and magazines "The End", "Rocinante"), Ronald Manuel Melzer, Uruguay (Semanario "Brecha").


Fribourg (Switzerland, March 10-17, 2002)
Prize: Kotsom (Flower Island) by Song Il-gon (South Korea, 2001), "For its sensitive portrait of three human destinies, within an accomplished and mature cinematographic grammar".
Jury: Carlos Brandao, Brazil, president ("Gazeta do Povo"), Khaled Méchkène, Tunisia ("Le Temps"), Bodo Schönfelder, Germany (Freelance: Journal Filmwelt, Gaffer, shomingeki, Cinemaya, epd film), Danko Jesic, Yugoslavia (Editor of film magazine Mac Guffin & freelance), Geri Krebs, Switzerland (Freelance; NZZ, WoZ, Landbote, Neue Luzerner Zeitung).
Print source: C&Film, 3th Fl. Rocket Building, 747-29 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-080 Korea. T +82 (2) 564 2471, F +82 (2) 564 2915,

Hong Kong (March 27 - April 7, 2002)
Prize: My Life As Mc Dull by Toe Yuen (Hong Kong, 2001, animation, 35mm, colour, 75mn), "for being at once local and universal, taking off from the 'aesthetics of cute' to deliver a profound statement that captures its time and transcends borders".
Jury: Grégory Valens, France, president ("Positif"), Deborah Young, USA ("Variety"), Teruoka Sozo, Japan, Necati Sönmez, Turkey ("Radikal Gazetesi/Kültür Sanat"), Sam HO, Hong Kong ("Hong Kong Economic Times").
Print sources. Production: Lunchtime Productions Ltd, 16/F, Guardian House, 32 Oi Kwan Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, T +852 2142 8933, F +852 2627 0227. Export agent: Bliss Distribution Ltd, 16/F, Guardian House, 32 Oi Kwan Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, T +852 2961 9261, F +852 2627 0227.


Kerala (Seventh International Film Festival of Kerala, India, March 29 - April 5, 2002)
Prize: Taxi un Encuentro (Taxi an Encounter) by Gabriela David (Argentina, 2001, 35mm, 93 min)
Jury: Derek Malcolm, Great Britain, president ("The Guardian"), Andrea Martini, Italy ("La Nazione"), Prabodh Maitra, India (Freelance)
Production: Gabriela David Productions, Congresso,2395, 3rd Floor 7, 1428 Beunos Aires, Argentina, T +54 (11) 4702 4440, F +54 (11) 4785 2824, World Sales: MDC Int. Wigbert Moschall, Schillestrasse 7-a, D - 10625 Berlin, T +49 (30) 2649 7900, F +49 (30) 2649 7910.

Singapore (April 11-27, 2002)
NETPAC/FIPRESCI Award: Eliana, Eliana by Riri Riza (Indonesia). Motivation: "This film is an intimate and restrained exploration of mother-daughter relations that uses the digital-cinema medium to reflect an authentic and ground-level experience of contemporary urban life." - Special Mention: I-san special by Mingmongkol Sonakul (Thailand). Motivation: "For its uncompromising stance and unconventional portrayal of modern Thailand; and the conflations and deconstruction of multiple realities and genres such as the soap opera, the road movie and Thai pop culture." - Best Asian Digital Film: Lost by Amir Muhammad (Malaysia). Motivation: "An Internet-specific portrait of the humorous, kafkaesque interactions of individual identity and bureaucratic indifference."
The jury has been organized in cooperation between NETPAC, the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema, and FIPRESCI: Kim Dong-ho, Korea, Sudhir Nandgaonkar, India (FIPRESCI), Chuck Stephens, USA (FIPRESCI), Tikoy Aguiluz, Philippines, Alfian bin Sa'at, Singapore.
Print sources. "Eliana, Eliana": Miles Films and I Sinema, Pangeran Antasari No. 17, Cipete, Jakarta 12140, Indonesia, T +62 (21) 7500 503/739, F +62 (21) 7581 7755. - "I-san special": Mingmongkol Sonakul, 68/6 Soi Langsuan, Lumpini, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand, T +662 652 0083, F +662 252 8944, - "Lost": Amir Muhammad, 77 Jalan Setiakasih, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, T=F 603 255 3869,


Istanbul (Turkey, April 13-28, 2002)
Prize, international competition: Yazgi (Fate) by Zeki Demirkubuz (Turkey), "for its cool, restrained realism and absurd humour in depicting an indifferent character adrift in a morally judgmental society". - Prize, national competition (in memory of Onat Kutlar): Itiraf (Confession) by Zeki Demirkubuz (Turkey), "for its austere portrayal of an emotionally intense marriage torn apart by betrayal".
Jury: György Báron, Hungary, president ("Magyar Radio"), Thilo Wydra, Germany ("Filmecho/Filmwoche", "Die Welt"), Anton Giulio Mancino, Italy ("La Gazetta del Mezziogiorno", "Cineforum"), Nigel Floyd, UK ("Time Out"), Kutlukhan Kutlu, Turkey.
Print sources. Fate as well as Confession: Production company and world sales: Mavi Filmcilik, Bolabenk Sokak 19/3, Gümüssuyu, Istanbul, Turkey, T +90 (212) 252 8320, F +90 (212) 292 7170.

Buenos Aires (Argentina, April 18-28, 2002)
The international jury has been replaced by a jury of Argentinean critics. Prize: Hatuna Meuheret - Mariage Tardif (Late Marriage) by Dover Koshashvili (Israel/France, 2001), "for a work that cleverly uses the codes and style of the family comedy to build up a tragedy about the repressive effects of traditional values."
Print source: Celluloid Dreams.


Oberhausen (Short films, Germany, May 2-7, 2002)
Prize (€ 1.500 donated by the Festival): The Father, the Ram, My Dad And Me by Becalelis Brodskis (UK, 2001), "for it's intimate and imaginative merging of personal history with cultural and religious memory, achieved through a dynamic fusion of various stylistic approaches". - Special Mention: White Man's Burden: Hollywood Role Models by Julia Cowing (USA, 2001), "for the compassionate use of feature film extracts to illustrate how systematically Asian women are caricatured in mainstream Hollywood cinema and misrepresented in US society".
Jury: Malena Janson, Sweden ("Svenska Dagbladet"), Gareth Evans, UK ("Time Out", "Sight and Sound", "Vertigo", "Filmwaves"), Thomas Rothschild, Germany ("Stuttgarter Zeitung").

Cannes (France, May 15-26, 2002)
Prize, competition: Divine Intervention (Yadon Raheya) by Elia Suleiman, "for its sensitive, amusing and innovative vision of a complex and topical situation and the tragic consequences that result from it". - Prize, Un certain regard: Waiting For Happiness (Heremakono) by Abderrahmane Sissako, "for its exquisite poetic depiction of the emotional and humorous complications that can arise in the midst of a simple life." - Prize, parallel sections (Semaine de la Critique, Quinzaine des Réalisateurs): The Clay Bird (Matir Moina) by Tareque Massud (France/Bangladesh, 2001), "for its authentic, moving, and delicate, portrayal of a country struggling for its democratic rights".
Jury: Ronald Bergan, UK, president ("The Guardian"), Tereza Brdeckova, Czech Republic ("Lidové Noviny", "Respekt"), Christiane Dancie, France ("Le Monde Diplomatique"; "Rouge"), Russell Edwards, Australia ("Empire"), Amir Emary, Egypt ("Akhbar El Adab"), Amir Labaki, Brazil ("Folha de Sao Paulo"), Ninos Feneck Mikelides, Greece ("Eleftherotypia"), Catherine Mtsitouridze, Russia ("ORT-Russian State Television"), Ken'ichi Okubo, Japan, Monika Tunbäck-Hanson, Sweden ("Göteborgs-Posten"), Ahmed Muztaba Zamal, Bangladesh ("Celluloid"). Secretary: Philippe J. Maarek, France.
Print sources. "Divine Intervention": Flach Pyramide International, 5 rue du Chevalier St. George, F-75008 Paris, T +33 (1) 42 96 02 20, F +33 (1) 40 20 05 51, - "Waiting For Happiness": Celluloid Dreams, 2 rue Turgot, F-75009 Paris, T +33 (1) 49 70 03 70, F +33 (1) 49 70 03 71, - "The Clay Bird": MK2, 55 rue Traversière, F 75012 Paris, T +33 (1) 44 67 30 55, F +33 (1) 43 41 32 30.


Cracow (Poland, May 24-28, 2002)
Prize: Dust by Michale Boganim (UK/Ukraine), "for the poetic and sensible portrayal of the passing of time and the forgotten world of Jewish culture in Eastern Europe. The Jury would like to underline the artistic combination of unique cinematography and music used in this film." - Special Mention: Home Road Movies by Robert Bradbrook (UK), "for the creative combination of modern technique and personal nostalgic memories."
Jury: Anita Piotrowska (Poland), Ingvald Bergsagel (Norway), Rolf-Ruediger Hamacher (Germany).

Troia (Portugal, May 31 - June 9, 2002)
Prize: Sladke Sanje (Sweet Dreams) by Saso Podgorsek (Slovenia, 2001), "for its tender, satirical and authentic evocation of growing up in Slovenia in the 1970s and its more general appeal to audiences beyond". - Special Award for a short film: Le Destinataire (The Addressee) by Cheng Xiaoxing (France, 2001), "for its vivid telling of an involving story in an effective visual style".
Jury: Ronald Bergan, UK ("The Guardian"), Lutz Graefe, Germany ("filmdienst", "WDR"), Václav Holanec, Czech Republic ("Tyden").
Print sources: "Sweet Dreams": Arsmedia, Zrinjskega 9, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, T +386 (1) 4383 980, F +386 (1) 2317 340, - "Le destinataire": Cheng Xiaoxing, 16 Avenue Parmentier, F-75011 Paris, T +33 (618) 41 23 28,


Annecy (International Animated Film Festival, France, June 3-8, 2002)
Prize: Flux by Christopher Hinton (Canada), "for the original way in which the film was design and animated, and for its unique and very cinematic view of two generations and their world. The film has a particularly sophisticated and satisfyingly complete style". - Special Mention: SHH by Adan Robb, "for the clarity and subtlety with which it has used animation to express its message". - Statement: "The jury would like to note the high level of the whole selection of school and graduation films".
Jury: Joachim Kreck, Germany ("Filmecho"), Andrea Romeo, Italy (Publications of Mondadori (CIAK) and Condé Nast groups, Clarence: CineHall (Web)), Stanislav Ulver, Czech Republic ("Film a doba").
Print sources. "Flux": ONF - NFA, 3155 Chemin cotede Liesse, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, H4N 2N4 Canada, - "SHH": VCA - Victorian College of the Arts, 234 St Kilda Road, Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria, 3006 Australia,

Sochi (Russia, June 5-14, 2002)
Prize, Russian competition: Zmei (The Serpent) by Alexei Muradov (Russia, 2001), "for the fine psychological study of the social tragedy of individuals that still preserves a ray of hope". Prize, international competition: Divoke vcely (Wild Bees) by Bohdan Slama (Czech Republic, 2001), "for a original and bitter-sweet comedy in the best tradition of Czech cinematography portraying the loss of identity in the countryside".
Jury: Galina Kopaneva, Czech Republic, president ("Film a doba"), Michele Gottardi, Italy ("Nuova Venezia - Segnocinema"), Radovan Holub, Czech Republic ("Lidove Noviny", "Reflex"), Hans-Joachim Schlegel, Germany ("Filmdienst"), Alexander Fiodorov, Russia ("New City Journal").
Print sources. "Zmei - The Serpent". M2F company, Russia, T +7 (095) 433 0493. - "Divoke vcely - Wild Bees): Telexport, Na Hrebenech, 140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic, T=F +42 (02) 617 111 08,


Sydney (49th Sydney Film Festival, Australia, June 7-21, 2002)
The FIPRESCI jury at the Sydney Film Festival has awarded the film War and Peace by Anand Patwardhan the International Critics Prize (FIPRESCI prize) "for its blending of crusading passion intellectual rigor, turning the exploration of a particualr conflict into a universal antiwar statement". - The FIPRESCI jury at the Sydney Film Festival has awarded the film Making Venus by first time feature director Gary Doust a Special Mention "for dragging us kicking and screaming into the despairing depths of filmmaking gone riotously off the rails".
Jury: NT Binh, France ("Positif"), Philip Cheah, Singapore ("BigO Magazine"), Susie Eisenhuth, Australia ("The Bulletin").
Print Sources. "War and Peace": Anand Patwardhan, 27 Lokmanya Tilak Colony Marg No. 2, Dadar East, Mumbai, 400014 India, T + 91 (22) 4143 782, "Making Venus": Tom Zubrycki, Jotz Productions, 171 Elswick St, Leichhardt NSW 2041 Australia, F +61 (29) 5602 947,

Moscow (Russia, June 21-30, 2002).
Prize: The Cuckoo (Kukushka) by Alexander Rogozhkin (Russia, 2002), "for the mastery of its mise-en-scene, and the originality and metaphorical and humanistic force of its scenario about the problems of communication among human beings." - Special Mention: Supplement (Dopolnyenye) by Krzysztof Zanussi (Poland, 2002), "for its profound yet engaging expression of the human research for spiritual truths, remaining loyal to the existential and moral themes of Zanussi's career."
Jury: Marcel Martin, France, president ("Regards"), Daniela Bisogni, Italy ("La Libertà"), Valery Gasparyan, Armenia ("Novoe Vremya"), David Sterritt, USA ("The Christian Science Monitor"), Georgi Kapralov, Russia.
Print sources. "The Cuckoo": Intercinema Art Agency, Druzhinnikovskaya 15, of. 305, 123242 Moscow, Russia, T=F +7 (095) 255 90 82 (52), - "Supplement": TOR Film Production.


Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic, July 4-13, 2002)
"The FIPRESCI jury wishes to express its interest in the major themes of racism, intolerance and the situation of the minorities that appeared in competition films, such as Brats (Smradi) by Zdenìk Tyc and Focus by Neal Slavin." Prize: Nowhere In Africa (Nirgendwo in Afrika) by Caroline Link (Germany, 2002), "for its unusual narrative and historical perspectives on the international reverberations of World War II." - Special Mention: Let's Not Cry (Gwenchana uljima) by Min Boung-hun (Korea), "for its powerful depiction of characters and human relationships within their social and natural milieus."
Jury: Grégory Valens (France, president), Jan Foll (Czech Republic), Swapan Ghosh (India), Cristina Stojanova (Canada), Dennis West (USA).
Print sources. "Nowhere in Africa": Sales/Print: Bavaria Film International, Bavariafilmplatz 8, Geiselgasteig, D - 82031, Germany, T +49 (89) 64 99 37 28, F+ 49 (89) 64 99 37 20, - "Let s not cry": Sales: Seoul Entertainment Inc., Visual Venture Center 4F, 1000-12 Daechi-Dong Kangnam-Ku, Seoul, Korea, T+82 (2) 564 73 51, F +82 (2) 564 94 21, Print: Korean Film Commission - KOFIC, 206-46 Chongnyangni-Dong, Tongdaemun-Gu, Seoul 130 - 010, Korea, T +82 (2) 958 75 37, F +82 (2) 958 75 92,

Brisbane (Australia, July 9-21, 2002)
Prize: Pistol Opera by Seijun Suzuki (Japan, 2001), "a highly personal blend of traditional and experimental cinema." - Special Mention: "Walking on Water" by Tony Ayres (Australia, 2001), "for the freshness of the writing and acting."
Jury: Jonathan Rosenbaum, USA ("Chicago Reader"), Stephen Teo, Hong Kong ("Senses of Cinema"), Paul Harris, Australia ("Film Buffs Forecast", "The Age") and Fiona Villella, Australia ("young member") ("Senses of Cinema").
Print sources. "Pistol Opera": Shochiku. - "Walking on Water": Becker Entertainment, F +61 (2) 9439 1827. Website:


Motovun (Croatia, July 30 - August 3, 2002)
Prize: Halbe Treppe (Grill Point) by Andreas Dresen (Germany, 2001). Motivation: "Halbe Treppe is a powerful depiction of daily life at the German-Polish border, made through an inventive creative method."
Jury: Mariska Graveland, The Netherlands ("De Filmkrant"), Nevenka Opacic, Jugoslavia ("Radio TV Revija"), Jurica Pavicic, Croatia ("Jutarnji list").
Print source: Bavaria Film International, Bavariafilmplatz 8, D-82031 Geiselgasteig, T +49 (89) 9956 2744.

Melbourne (Australia, July 24 - August 11, 2002)
Prize: Thung lung hoang vang (The Deserted Valley) by Pham Nhue Giang (Vietnam), "For its compassionate, poetic and evocative portrayal of an isolated community coming to terms with modern society". - Special Mention: A Wedding In Ramallah by Sherine Salama (Australia), "For its keenly observant approach to a contemporary, personal and yet universal topic, and for the effective rapport created between the director and the people involved in her story".
Jury: Ronald Bergan, UK ("The Guardian"), Li Cheuk-to, Hong Kong ("Hong Kong Economic Times"), Megan Spencer, Australia ("ABC, Radio TripleJay").
Print Sources. "The Deserted Valley": Vietnam Feature Film Studio/PS/WS Mirovision Inc., Seoul 110-062, South Korea, T +82 (2) 7371 185, F +82 (2) 7371 184. - "A Wedding In Ramallah": Habibi Films, Rose Bay, NSW 2029, T=F +61 (2) 9371 1991.


Locarno (Switzerland, August 1-11, 2002)
Prize: La Cage by Alain Raoust (France, 2002), "for its cinematographic expression which relies more on images than on words, in creating a young woman's portrait in search of inner peace, after having committed a crime".
Jury: Adina Darian, Romania, president (Freelance), André Waardenburg, The Netherlands ("Skrien", "NRC Handelsblad"), Heike Hurst, France ("Le Monde Libertaire", "Jeune Cinema"), Jannike Ahlund, Sweden ("Rapport Morgon", "Vai Bostrad"), Rolf Niederer, CH (Freelance, NZZ, Filmbulletin, Filmpodium).
Print source: Gemini Films, Paulo Branco, 24 blvd Sébastopol, F-75004 Paris, T +33 (1) 44 54 17 17, F +33 (1) 44 54 17 25,

Montreal (World Film Festival, Canada, August 22 - September 2, 2002)
Prize: Cofralandes, Rapsodia Chilena (Chilean Rhapsody) by Raul Ruiz (Chile/France, 2002), "For the director's personal exploration into his homeland, using DV in a rigorous yet playful manner". - Special Mention: Blue Skies, short film by Ann Marie Fleming (Canada), "For its imaginative use of music as a narrative device to evoke ontrasting emotions".
Jury: Ronald Bergan, UK, president ("The Guardian"), Gönül Dönmez-Colin, France ("Cumhuriyet Gazetesi", "Le Monde Diplomatique", "Blimp Film Magazine"), Lidia Maslova, Russia ("Commersant-Daily"), Eduardo Antin (Quintin), Argentina ("El Amante Cine", Buenos Aires Film Festival), Charles-Stéphane Roy, Canada ("Séquences").
Print Sources. "Chilean Rhapsody": Raul Ruiz, 5 Boulevard de Belleville, F Paris 75011, T=F +33 (1) 4805 2801. - "Blue Skies": Dawn Rubin, Global Mechanic, 208-1529 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1 R1 Canada, T (604) 733 7475, F (604) 733-7491,


Venice (Italy, August 29 - September 8, 2002)
Best Film in the Official Section: Oasis by Lee Chang-dong (South Korea), "For the audacity and courage of its imaginitive exploration of the difficulties of communication, and for its remarkable actors." - Best Film in the other sections: Roger Dodger by Dylan Kidd (U.S.A.), "For the wit and precision of its depiction of the education of a jaded roue by a young ingenue." - Additional Award for a short film: The Ken Loach episode in "September 11, 2001", "For the clarity and passion with which challenging ideas are presented."
Jury: David Stratton, Australia, president ("Variety, "The Australian", "SBS TV"), Luciano Monteagudo, Argentina ("Pagina/12"), Milan Vlajcic, Jugoslavia ("Politika"), Meenakshi Shedde, India ("The Times of India"), Eva af Geijerstam, Sweden ("Dagens Nyheter"), Evgenija Tirdatova, Russia ("Kino-Glaz Magazine", "Novye Izvestia", "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", "Vechernyaa Moskva"), Rolf Rüdiger Hamacher, Germany ("Kölnische Rundschau", "film dienst", "Westfälische Rundschau", "Aachener Nachrichten"), Noel Tinazzi, France ("La Tribune"), Marco Lombardi, Italy ("L’Unita").
Print sources. "Oasis": Cineclick Asia, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-280, Incline Bldg., 3F 891-37, Daechi-dong, T +82 (2) 5380 211, F +82 (2) 5380 479, "Rodger Dodger": Splendid Television. - "September 11, 2001": Wild Bunch, 17, rue Dumont d'Urville, F-75116 Paris, T +33 (1) 7176 1122, F +33 (1) 7176 1124.

Toronto (Canada, September 5-14, 2002)
Les chemins de l'oued (Under Another Sky) by Gael Morel (France, 2002), "for its power to disturb and for its portrait of how protracted war destroys identity and the capacity to trust." - Special mention: Elsker dig for evigt (Dogme) (Open Hearts) by Susanne Bier (Denmark, 2002), "for the fact that it proves that dogma has come of age and matured into a potent cinematic language that skillfully captures the freeing of real emotions that extreme trauma creates within the lives of the characters in her film."
Jury: Borislav Andjelic, Jugoslavia, president ("Vecernje Novosti"), Ronald Ockhuysen, The Netherlands ("De Volkskrant"), Julie Rigg, Australia ("ABC Radio National"), Vanz Chapman, Canada ("Word Magazine").
Print sources. "Les chemins de l'oued": Geteve/Arts, France, T +33 (1) 5353 2777. - "Elsker dig for evigt (Dogme)": Danish Film Institute, T +45 3374 3400.


Viareggio (EuropaCinema, Italy, September 14-21, 2002)
Prize: En Kaerlighedshistorie (Kira's Reason - Dogme) by Ole Christian Madsen (Denmark 2002), "for its authentic depiction of a human relationship in crisis, enpowered by outstanding performances".
Jury: Cristina Corciovescu (Romania, president), Bojidar Manov (Bulgaria), Grégory Valens (France), Susanna Harutyunyan (Armenia), Angel Comas Puente (Spain).
Print source: World Sales: Sandrew Metronome -International Sales - Trust Film Sales, Avedore Tvoervej 10, DK 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark, T +45 3686 8707, F +45 3677 4448,

San Sebastian (Spain, September 19-28, 2002)
Prize: Los lunes al sol by Fernando León de Aranoa (Spain, 2002), "for a beautifully crafted film which describes a situation of tragedy with a light touch and a sense of humour". - Special Mention: Historias minimas by Carlos Sorín (Argentina-Spain), "for its poetic and precise look at people living on the periphery of contemporary Argentina."
Jury: Aruna Vasudev, India, president (Cinemaya), Sandra Hall, Australia (Sydney Morning Herald), Latavra Dularidze, Russia (Nezavissimaja Gazeta, L'Art), Pablo Scholz, Argentina (Clarin), Antonio Weinrichter, Spain ("ABC, Dirigido, Fotogramas").
Print sources. "Los lunes al sol": Production: Elias Querejeta P.C, T +34 (91) 345 71 39, Sales: Sogepaq, T +34 (91) 736 70 00. - "Historias minimas": Co-producers: Guacamole Films, T +54 (1) 1477 837 79, Wanda Vision, T +34 (91) 3528 376, Sales: Wanda Vision.


Split (Croatia, International Festival of New Film, September 21-28, 2002)
Prize: De La Calle (Streeters) by Gerardo Tort (Mexico, 2001), "for its humanistic, well-crafted, well-acted and cinematically high-powered view of life in extreme situations in the streets of Mexico City".
Jury: Alexander Yanakiev, Bulgaria ("Kino", ""), Leif Joley, Sweden ("Skänska Dagbladet"), Hrvoje Turkovic, Croatia. Print source: Haugen & Ortega, T +52 (5) 6584 638, F +52 (5) 5544 739,,

Riga (Film Forum Arsenals, Latvia, September 21-29, 2002)
Prize: Pau i el seu germà (Pau and His Brother) by Marc Recha (Spain/France, 2001), "for its mature and succinct depiction of the emotions felt by a family confronting a sudden, inexplicable loss." - Baltic Section, best Baltic film: Pa celam aizejot (Leaving by the Way) by Viesturs Kairiss (Latvia, 2001), "for its warm blend of Nordic pantheism with the present-day predicament of Latvian reality".
Jury: Phillip Bergson, UK, president ("BBC World Service Radio", "Euromovies International", ""), Arthur Werner, Germany ("Deutsche Welle"), Sàndor Köröspataki, Hungary ("Magyar Hirlap"), Sasa Radojevic, Jugoslavia ("Blic"), Inga Perkone-Redovicha, Latvia.
Print sources. "Pau i el seu germà": Production: JBA Production, 52, rue Charlot, F-75003 Paris, T 33 (1) 48 04 84 60, F *33 (1) 42 76 09 67, / Oberon Cinematografica, Aragón 217 50, E 08007 Barcelona, T +34 (93) 451 2560, F +34 (93) 451 5160, -- "Pa celam aizejot": ÍAUPO Filma, Lacplesa iela 27, Riga, LV-1011, Latvia, T +371 7281 720, F +371 7240 542,


Chicago (USA, October 4-18, 2002)
Prize: El Bonaerense by Pablo Trapero (Argentina, 2002), "for the uncompromising and raw depiction of the journey of a man lost in a society without values".
Jury: Dana Linssen, The Netherlands, president (NRC Handelsblad, De Filmkrant), Mariola Wiktor, Poland (Dziennik Lódzki), Simon Popek, Slovenia (Ekran), Luc Chaput, Canada (Séquences), Henry Sheehan, USA (KPCC-FM, Film Week).
Print Source: Wild Bunch, 47 rue Dumont d' Urville, F-75116 Paris, T +33 (1) 7176 1123, F +33 (1) 7176 1124.

Oslo (Films from the South, Norway, October 11-20, 2002)
Prize: Whispering Sands by Nan T. Achnas (Indonesia/Japan, 2001), "for focusing on the grim
consequences of political history on hapless individuals through subdued, moving metaphors".
Jury: Shahla Nahid, France (Radio France Internationale), Gowri Ramnarayan, India (The Hindu), Lisa Kristin Strindberg, Norway (NRK Norwegian Broadcasting).
Print source: Sales: Tanimbar Pictures, T +62 (21) 32 51 15, F +62 (21) 32 53 60,


Leipzig (International Festival for Documentary and Animation, Germany, October 15-20, 2002)
Prize: L'Exil a Sedan (Exile in Sedan) by Michael Gaumnitz (France), "for artistically blending different film techniques to tell a disturbing and complex family story".
Jury: Boryana Mateeva, Bulgaria ("Kino"), Phillip Bergson, UK ("BBC World Service Radio", "Euromovies International", ""), Barbara Schweizerhof, Germany ("Freitag"). The jury "congratulates the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary Film on reaching 45 and not losing its sharp eye for rich, varied and challenging images."
Print source: AMIP, 52 rue Charlot, F-75003 Paris, T +33 (1) 4887 4513,

Kiev (Ukraine, October 19-27, 2002)
Prize: Rapsodia v bjalu (Rhapsody In White) by Teddy Moskov (Bulgaria, 2002). Motivation: "An innovative film from Bulgaria about love. Teddy Moskov, the director, combines both traditions of dramatic stage theater and marionette. Maya Novoselska (married to Moskov) creates a beautiful performance of a woman whose capacity for love transcends the limits set by everyday reality."
Jury: Thomas Taborsky, Austria (""), Herbert Feinstein, USA ("Anderson Valley Advertiser"), Irina Zubavina, Ukraine (Academy of Art of Ukraine).
Print source: Bulgarian National Television, Sales and Marketing Dept., 29, San Stefano st., BG-1000 Sofia, Bulgaria, T +359 (2) 916 12 10, F +359 (2) 916 12 10


Vienna (Austria, October 18-30, 2002)
Prize: Tan de Repente (Suddenly) by Diego Lerman (Argentina) for "a plot-twisting riot-girls road movie announcing the strength of an Argentinean New-New-Wave."
Special Mention: "Nakta (dul)" (Camel/s) by Park Ki Yong (Korea) "for its achievement in audio-visual design in unveiling the fears and disillusioment at midlife."
Jury: Gerald Peary, US, president (Boston Phoenix), Srdjan Koljevic, Yugoslavia (Blic), Belinda van de Graaf, The Netherlands (Trouw, De
Filmkrant), Philip Cheah, Singapore (BigO Magazine), Maya Irina McKechneay, Austria (RAY Kinomagazin).
Print sources: "Tan de Repente": Flach Pyramide International, 5 rue du Chevalier de Saint-Georges, F-75008 Paris, T +33 (1) 42 96 02 20, "Nakta (dul)": e pictures, 10-12 Haehwa-Dong, Jogro-Gu, Seoul 110-530, South Korea, T +82 (2) 3673 2545,

Valladolid (Spain, October 25 - November 2, 2002)
Prize: Xingfu shiguang (Happy Times) by Zhang Yimou (China, 2001) "for its powerful appeal to preserve the human hopes for a happiness, made in a humorous-drama style". An additional award has been given to the short film J'attendrai le suivant... (I'll wait for the following...") by Philippe Orreindy (France, 2002) "because sometimes 4 minutes are enough to have a good film - short, but deep; funny, but bitter; simple, but charming".
Jury: Bojidar Manov (Bulgaria, President), Merten Worthmann (Germany), Tatiana Vetrova (Russia), Nadia Meflah (France), Josep Torrell (Spain)
Print sources: "Xingfu shiguang": 20th Century Fox
International, P.O. Box 900 Beverly Hills, CA 90213, T 369 1000, F 369 1537,; "J'attendrai le suivant...": La Boite, 200, Rue de la Croix-Nivert, F-7500 Paris, T 5398 7579, F 5398 7579,


Cottbus (Festival of East European Cinema, Germany, October 30 - November 3, 2002)
Prize: Rok dabla (Year of the Devil) by Petr Zelenka (Czech Republic, 2002) "for its original and playful way to mix documentary and fiction styles into an ironical story about the sense of being an artist". Special Mention: Hukkle (Hukkle) by György Palfi (Hungary, 2002) "for an outstanding film in which the advanced technologies are an art instrument and an integral part of stylish and expressive image".
Jury: Marco Lombardi, Italy, president ("L'Unita"), Marina Kostova, Macedonia ("Vest Daily"), Julia Khomjakova, Russia ("Ekran i Stsena", "SK-News"), Barbara Lorey de Lacharrière, France; Hans-Jörg Rother, Germany ("Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung").
Print sources: "Year of the Devil": Negativ Film Production S.R.O., Pavel Strnad Ostrovni 30, CZ 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic, T +42 (02) 249 337 55, F +42 (02) 249 334 72,, "Hukkle": Mokep Bajcsy, Zsilinsky ut 7, H 1054 Budapest, Hungary; T +36 (1) 267 3026, F +36 (1) 267 3140,,,

Torino (Italy, November 7-15, 2002)
At the Torino International Film Festival, FIPRESCI appointed two of the three members of the official festival jury for short films in competition: Christian Monggaard, Denmark ("Dagbladet Information") and Jiri Cieslar, Czech Republic ("Literární noviny"). Third member was Max Casacci, Italy.
Prize: All For One (Comme Un Seul Homme) by Jean-Louis Gonnet (France, 2001, 35mm, 15 min, documentary), "For the unity of the important topic and cinematic values and for the laconic form of expression.
From the very exciting and rhythmic beginning - a man runs back and forth in a small corridor, banging his body against the walls - the film offers us a revealing glimpse into a secret and sacred world of very raw and basic human emotions. Almost without words the director makes us understand what drives these men and how important this outlet of aggression is to them." - Special Mention: Antichrist (Antychryst) by Adam Guzinski (Poland, 2002, 35mm, 28 min, fiction), "For the unarguably high character of the film's realization: for the directing, the narrative tension, the photography, the direction of the actors and for the lucid and abstract gaze on the universe of children, which reveals a significant metaphor concerning the relationships between individuals."


Mannheim-Heidelberg (Germany, November 7-16, 2002)
Prize: Folk fest bor i Kina (Most People Live in China) by Morten Tyldum et al. (Norway, 2002) "for its ironic and humorous illustration of the everyday ideologies underlying political slogans". Special Mention: Zmruz Oczy (Squint Your Eyes) by Andrzej Jakimowski (Poland, 2002) "for a promising debut, presenting a variety of well observed characters in a poetic yet realistic setting".
Jury: Janine Euvrard, France, president ("Regards"), Nabeeha Shafeek Lotfy, Egypt ("Shashaty"), Antti Selkokari, Finland ("Aamulehti"), Kim Linekin, Canada ("Eye Weekly"), Ulrich von Thüna, Germany ("Film")
Print sources: "Most People Live in China": Motlys AS, Heimdalsgt. 27C, 0561 Oslo, Norway; "Squint Your Eyes": Z.A.i.R, Poleczki 20 E, PL-02-822 Warsaw, Poland

Thessaloniki (Greece, November 8-17, 2002)
Prize: Vylet (Some Secrets) by Alice Nellis (Czech Republic/Slovakia, 2002) "For the humorous way of narrating a dramatic story with a brilliant command of all film devices"; ex aequo with Dyskoli Apoheretismi: O Babas Mou (Hard Goodbyes: My Father) by Penny Panayatopoulou (Greece 2002) "For its acute symbiosis of daily routine and methaphorical sense of life".
Prize, New Horizons Section: "Man Taraneh, 15 Sal
Daram" (I'm Taraneh, 15) by Rassul Sadr-Ameli (Iran 2002) "For its visual effectiveness in showing a new perspective of the condition of women in Iranian society".
Jury: Elie Castiel, Canada, president ("Séquences"), Nina Tsyrkun, Russia ("Iskusstvo Kino"), Carlo Gentile, Italy ("Il Roma", "RAI TG2"), Dubravka Lakic, Yugoslavia ("Politika" and "TV Politika"), Christos Mitsis, Greece
Print sources: "Some Secrets": Production and World Sales: Filmia S.R.O., Musilkova 49, CZ 150 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic, T +42 (02) 5753 3353, F +42 (02) 5753 3357,; "Hard Goodbyes: My Father": Production and World Sales: Greek Film Center, 10 Panepistimiou Street, Athens, Greece, T +30 (1) 3631 733, F +30 (1) 3614 336,; "I'm Taraneh, 15": World Sales: Farabi Cinema Foundation, No 55 Sie Tir Avenue, Tehran, Iran, T +98 (21) 670 10 10, F +98 (21) 670 81 55,


London (UK, November 6-21, 2002)
Prize: Farishtay kitfi fost (Angel on the Right) by Djamshed Usmonov (Tadjikistan/Italy/Switzerland/France, 2002), "for the authentic vision of a society within a well-told story punctuated by the life affirming humour and attention to the details of everyday life."
Jury: Nelson Hoineff, Brazil ("Jornal do Brasil"), Kora Tsereteli, Russia ("Ekran", "Iskustvo Kino"), Lotfi Ben Khelifa, Tunisia ("Le Temps", "Septieme Art"), Dennis West, USA ("Cineaste"), Nigel Floyd, UK ("Time Out").
Print source: Celluloid Dreams, 2 rue Turgot, F-75009 Paris, T +33 (1) 4970 0370,

Pusan (South Korea, November 14-23, 2002)
Prize: Jukuhdo Joa (Too Young to Die) by Park Jin-pyo (South Korea, 2002), "for its authentic and endearing vision of physical and romantic love at an advanced age."
Jury: Hans Beerekamp, The Netherlands, president ("NRC Handelsblad"), Chuck Stephens, USA ("Filmmaker Magazine", "Film Comment", "San Francisco Bay Guardian", "Kinmema Jumpo"), Ashley Ratnavibhushana, Sri Lanka ("Lankadipa", "Cinesith", "Daily News"), Li Cheuk-to, Hong Kong ("Hong Kong Economic Times"), Gina Yu, Korea.
Print source. Mirovision, 1-151, Shinmoonno 2-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 110-062, South Korea, T +82 (2) 737 1185-6, F +82 (2) 737 1184,


Stockholm (Sweden, November 14-24, 2002)
Prize: The Slaughter Rule by Alex and Andrew Smith (USA, 2002), "For its depiction of a young man breaking his armour of masculine cowboy mentality told in a confident classical style". Special Mention: Lilja 4-ever by Lukas Moodysson (Sweden, 2002), "for its compassionate dealing with the great problem of human trafficking and a girl's struggle to keep her dreams alive".
Jury: László Kriston, Hungary ("Vox Mozimagazin", "Magyar Hirlap"), Harri Römpötti, Finland ("Helsingin Sanomat"), Malena Janson, Sweden ("Svenska Dagbladet").
Print sources. "The Slaughter Rule": Cinetic Media
Contact Matt Littin, 555 West 25th Street, 4th floor, New York, NY 10001, USA, T +1 (212) 204 7979, F +1 (212) 204 7980, - "Lilja 4-ever": Memfis Film & Television, Lars Jönsson, T +46 (8) 33 55 76, F +46 (8) 20 99 34,

Mumbai (India, International Film Festival, November 21 - 28, 2002)
Statement: "The Jury is very much impressed by the high quality of Asian films screened in the festival, particularly from India. Our Award goes to the film which depicts the complicated emotional relationship between a dreaming daughter and a pragmatic mother. The powerful script is put across on the screen with subtle simplicity and a sense of humour." Prize: Titli (The First Monsoon Day) by Rituparno Ghosh (India, 2002).
Jury: Per Haddal, Norway ("Aftenposten"), Necati Sönmez, Turkey ("Radikal Gazetesi”), H. N. Narahari Rao, India.
Print source: Tapan Biswas, Cinemawala, 27 B, Chittaranjan Avenue, Calcutta 700 072, T +91 (33) 440 7544, 237 2132, 236 7256, F +91 (33) 249 1667, - International Mumbai Film Festival:


Amsterdam (IDFA - Documentary Film Festival, The Netherlands, November 21 - December 1, 2002)
The Prize for a film in the competition programme First Appearance for beginning filmmakers has been awarded to: Barbeiros by Mervi Junkkonen (Finland, 2001), "for recreating with the purest cinematic means - precise details, subtle editing and evocative sound - an entire human life in 12 minutes".
Jury: Peter Keough, USA, president ("The Boston Phoenix"), Marina Drozdova, Russia ("Film"), Jorge Yglesias, Cuba ("Cine Cubano", "Kinetoscopio" - magazine, Colombia, Radio "Cine Paraíso", "Revolución y Cultura"), Matthias Heybrock, Germany ("epd-Film", "Tagesanzeiger", "Basler Zeitung"), Leo Bankersen, The Netherlands ("Geassocieerde Pers Diensten").
Tape source: University of Art & Design, Hämeentie 135C, 00560 Helsinki, FINLAND, T +358 (9) 7563 0121, F +358 (9) 634 303,, - International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam:

Bratislava (Slovakia, November 29 - December 7, 2002)
Prize: Maimil (The Chimp) by Aktan Abdykalykov (Kyrgyzstan/France/Japan 2001, 35 mm, 98 min), "for a humourous yet melancholic portrayal of a young man disillusioned with a traumatised former Soviet Republic."
Jury: Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Germany, president ("Frankfurter Rundschau"), Steven Yates, UK ("Filmworld"), Éva Bársony, Hungary ("Népszava"), Johan Croneman, Sweden ("Dagens Nyheter"), Pavol Branko, Slovakia.
Print Source: Wild Bunch, 47 rue Dumont d’Urville, F 75116 Paris, T +33 (1) 7176 1000, F +33 (1) 7176 1124, - Bratislava Film Festival:


Havana (Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, Cuba, December 3-13, 2002)
Prize: Cidade de Deus (City of God) by Fernando Meirelles (Brazil, 2002), "for approaching the explosive theme of social exclusion, using an ambitious, complex and involving style of narration, without moralising or condoning violence."
Jury: Grégory Valens, France, president ("Positif"), Sheila Johnston, Great Britain ("Evening Standard"), Luciano Trigo, Brazil ("O Globo"), Fernando Palumbo, Uruguay ("La Juventud", "Radio Centenario"), Joel del Rio Fuentes, Cuba ("Juventud Rebelde").
Print source: o2 Filmes, Video Filmes, Studio Canal, Ave. Prof. Fonseca Rodrigues, 1300, Sao Paulo, Brazil, T +55 (11) 3026 9400, F +55 (11) 3022 9129,



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